A school campus is a dynamic place, buzzing with activity that’s ripe to be shared. More and more schools are on their way to becoming news operations in their own right, broadcasting campus news and events to students and even streaming the content to alumni.

Beyond news, most colleges broadcast major sporting events like football and basketball games, but there are plenty of other sports that don’t make it to the airwaves. The ability to broadcast or web stream those sports gives students, alumni, family, and friends a way to catch the action without having to be there in person. And for the sports that do get broadcast on television, adding supplementary content such as player interviews and crowd interactions — just like in the pro sports world — adds to the experience of fans and supporters.

The broadcast and streaming prospects on a school campus are practically endless. And the best part is, capturing and disseminating all of that content is a great way for journalism schools to train the next generation of journalists.

The trouble is, most schools can’t afford the huge capital costs of traditional satellite or microwave technology. Dejero’s newsgathering products offer an affordable, easy-to-use solution to that problem. With Dejero, schools can take advantage of any news opportunity, while journalism students get hands-on experience with today’s broadcast technology.

A complete platform for broadcasting campus activities

Dejero offers a complete platform of transmitters, software, management tools, and servers that enable universities, colleges, and high schools to create and broadcast live video in a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective manner.

Go live from any device

Whether you prefer using a mobile transmitter, a fixed-location transmitter, a laptop or even a smartphone for extra agility, Dejero helps you go live. Transmitters are quick to set up and easy to operate in the field.

… from virtually any location

Dejero extends your ability to provide coverage from locations that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional technology.

… at a fraction of the cost

Transmit high-quality live video at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional live broadcast equipment using Dejero’s patent-pending approach to bonded cellular technology.

Give connectivity a jump-start with Intelligent Connection Management

Dejero intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections (including 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet) to deliver optimal picture quality at reduced latency.

Manage in the cloud

With Dejero, you can can locate, monitor, and control transmission devices centrally in the cloud, so camera operators can focus on getting the live shot. Analytics help you assess connections and overall transmission health, while cloud-based routing streamlines content delivery for enhanced efficiency.

Distribute on-air and online

Whether delivering video directly to your campus TV, or streaming multiple formats to the Web and mobile devices, Dejero simplifies the entire process.

Consider the possibilities

Here are just a few of the opportunities Dejero makes possible for universities, colleges and high schools:


Broadcast live sporting events to campus TV or stream to the Web and mobile devices. For larger sporting events, enrich the fan experience with ancillary video content such as interviews with coaching staff and players as well as game-day fan interaction and celebrations.

Campus News and Events

Broadcast or stream live events such as guest lectures, student government meetings, plays, concerts, and other on-campus activities. Enable student reporters to capture and transmit broadcast-quality video from virtually any location.

Expert Interviews

Faculty can participate in live television interviews to provide insight, analysis, background information or informed reaction to issues and current events.

Graduation Ceremonies

Stream graduation ceremonies to family and friends who can’t be there in person.

Journalism Schools

Students and faculty have the opportunity to learn about and get hands-on experience with leading-edge broadcast tools and technologies that they likely will use in their careers. 

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