An ambulance crew transmits live video of a patient while en route to the hospital in order to receive potentially life-saving treatment instructions. A fire department uplinks live video back to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) so that EOC can coordinate the best response and resources from multiple fire departments. A police vehicle’s on-board camera transmits live video during an arrest so that dispatchers can monitor and assess the scene and call for backup if necessary. Emergency response crews in a disaster area transmit live video back to geographically dispersed decision makers and experts, who rapidly assess the situation and plan a response.

In an emergency, the ability to transmit high-quality live video reliably and securely from the first responders back to the command center can mean the difference between life and death. That’s precisely what Dejero products are designed to do.

Assess the scene quickly

Dejero offers a complete platform of transmitters, software, management tools, and servers for reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality video streaming. So you can keep a close watch on any emergency situation.

Many ways to capture the scene

From rugged, portable transmitters that first responders can carry to the scene; to vehicle-mounted transmitters and laptops that connect to cameras mounted on an emergency vehicle; to smartphones for ultimate agility, Dejero gives you multiple options for capturing the scene. The transmitters are quick to set up and easy to operate in the field, getting you live quickly.

Transmit live from virtually any location

Dejero intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections including 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi to create enough bandwidth to transmit high-quality video with low latency.

Transmit from moving vehicles

Bonded cellular connectivity with seamless handover of data from one base station to another means that high-quality video will transmit from a moving vehicle without interruption. 

Optimized video quality so central command doesn’t miss a bit

High-definition video dramatically improves a command center’s ability to assess the situation quickly and coordinate the appropriate response. Adaptive bit rate encoding automatically adjusts according to the total available bandwidth to ensure the best possible picture quality.

Manage in the cloud

Command centers can locate, monitor, and control transmission devices centrally in the cloud, so emergency response crews can focus on the situation at hand. Cloud-based routing streamlines the delivery of the live video to the command center. 

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