When something newsworthy happens, today’s audiences expect to see and hear it right away, where it’s happening, as it’s happening. Your newsroom has to be on top of it, direct crews to the scene and go live to your viewers as soon as possible. Because if your newsroom doesn’t do it, there are plenty of others that will.

But what if the news is happening in a remote location? Or in a tall building? Or in a crowd? What if conditions are poor for sending satellite or microwave signals? What if there’s no time or space to set up a shoot?

Dejero’s mobile newsgathering solutions are made just for such challenges. In the race to be first to air, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use are critical. Dejero lets crews jump in, shoot, and transmit – no matter what or where the situation.

A complete solution for rapid, efficient newsgathering

Dejero offers a complete solution of transmitters, software, connectivity services, cloud management tools, and receivers—backed by best-in-class 24/7 support—that makes news crews more agile and broadcast operations more efficient—and saves significant money while doing it. 

Go live from any device

Whether you prefer using a professional-grade rugged transmitter, a camera-mounted or backpack unit or even a smartphone for extra agility, Dejero helps you win the race to go live. Dejero offers multiple options for reliably capturing breaking news. Transmitters are quick to set up and easy to operate in the field.

… from virtually any location

Dejero extends your ability to provide coverage from locations that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional newsgathering technology. With cellular connectivity blended with other IP connections, news crews can shoot in extreme weather and even from moving vehicles.

… at a fraction of the cost

Transmit high-quality live video at a fraction of the cost and complexity of satellite and microwave trucks using Dejero’s patent-pending approach to network blending.

Give connectivity a jump-start with Intelligent Connection Management

Dejero intelligently blends cellular satellite, and any wireless IP connections from multiple network providers to give you the bandwidth you need to deliver remarkable picture quality at reduced latency.

Manage in the cloud

With Dejero Control, your newsroom can locate, monitor, and remotely control transmitters, as well as preview and route incoming feeds, all from a web browser. That way your field crews can focus on getting the live shot. Analytics help technicians assess connections and overall transmission health, while cloud-based routing streamlines content delivery for enhanced operational efficiency.

Distribute on-air and online

Whether routing feeds to on-air playout workflows, or streaming multiple formats to online video platforms, Dejero simplifies the entire process.

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