The economics of broadcasting today are giving rise to more one-person news crews: solo videojournalists, freelance stringers, foreign correspondents, and field reporters who typically work alone. Yet even as more of the production responsibility falls on a single person, the demand for content hasn’t changed. By using self-shooters, newsrooms can get more content without having to rely on expensive microwave and satellite trucks and the crews that go with them. And solo videojournalists can often go where traditional technology can’t, SoJo style.

While video quality is important, breaking the story as it happens is priority number one. Mobility is key, so the gear needs to be compact and easy and fast to set up and use. And because laptops and smartphones are an essential part of the videojournalist’s toolkit, self-shooters have to be able to incorporate those tools.

Dejero’s mobile newsgathering products were practically made for solo videojournalists. So they can travel light, be less intrusive, and even broadcast live or record and edit their own packages before sending to the newsroom.

A platform for the one-person newsgathering dynamo

Dejero offers a complete platform of software, management tools, and servers that let solo videojournalists deliver live breaking news from remote locations.

Travel light

Dejero laptop software creates a powerful newsgathering tool for travelling journalists. They can connect a camcorder or use the onboard webcam for live interviews. They can then edit in the field and send packages back to the newsroom via a combination of cellular modems, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connections – which Dejero manages automatically.

Go live from your smartphone

Dejero intelligently bonds cellular and Wi-Fi connections, creating enough bandwidth to transmit high-quality video with low latency from smartphones. That means that just about anyone in the news organization can become a field reporter if they stumble across a breaking story.

Don’t miss a bit

Adaptive bit rate encoding is built in, so the stream automatically adjusts according to the total available bandwidth, ensuring the best possible picture quality.

Manage in the cloud

With Dejero, your newsroom can locate, monitor, and control transmission devices centrally in the cloud, so videojournalists can focus on getting the live shot. Cloud-based routing streamlines delivery of live video on air and online.

Beyond TV

Broadcasters aren’t the only ones who could benefit from Dejero’s tools. Newspapers, magazines, and other online publishers could deploy solo videojournalists to provide live content on their websites. Even citizen journalists could get in on the act and contribute content to their favorite news outlets.

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