Welcome to the age of information immediacy and accessibility. We want to know what’s happening as it’s happening, and we want to see it—live if possible. More and more people are turning to the Internet—at their desks, on their tablets, or on their mobile phones—to stay informed and entertained.

Online streaming gives viewers the chance to feel like they’re in the middle of it all: from tailgate celebrations at sports games, to political convention floors, and music festivals. And it’s not just the news networks or pro sports broadcasters who want to share online. It’s local governments, educational institutions, community arts programs, and even global enterprises.

The problem is, satellite or microwave broadcast equipment is too expensive or impractical for a lot of those organizations. So it can be very difficult to meet the growing demand for high quality online video, or even to go online at all.

Dejero makes it possible to broadcast online without the constraint of being tethered to an Ethernet connection. Even better, it’s reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use. So just about anyone can stream live from anywhere. All they need is a cellular connection.

A platform that can take it to the Web

Dejero’s LIVE+ platform is a complete line of transmitters, software, management tools, and cloud servers to simplify online streaming.

Capture and stream from any device

With portable transmitters, laptop software, smartphone apps, and support for multiple camera interfaces, Dejero gives you plenty of ways to snag the video and get it onto the Web.

Versatility… no Ethernet required

Break away from the Ethernet wire! Dejero’s patent-pending approach to bonded cellular technology means you can shoot and go live to your website from anywhere there’s a cellular connection. Dejero intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections to deliver optimal picture quality.

Don’t miss a bit

Adaptive bit rate encoding is built in, so the stream automatically adjusts according to the total available bandwidth, ensuring the best possible picture quality.

Easy breezy

Focus on capturing compelling live and recorded content knowing that it’s being transmitted reliably and cost-effectively to your content distribution network (CDN) or live streaming platform. Transmitters are quick to set up and easy to operate, in the field or via remote control.

Manage in the cloud

Monitor and manage Dejero transmission devices and live feeds centrally in the cloud for streamlined content delivery and efficiency.

Consider the possibilities

Here are just a few of the online streaming opportunities Dejero makes possible:

Pro Sports Streaming

Pro Sports

Greatly enrich the fan experience with ancillary video content such as press conferences, training camps, interviews with coaching staff and players, bus rides, practices, and game-day fan interaction. 

Amateur Sports 

Stream college, high-school, local, and amateur sports matches to the Web and mobile devices. 

Live Event Training

Live Events 

Broadcast live events, from keynote speeches, press conferences, and music festivals to awards shows, dance competitions, and outdoor performances.

Local Government

Local Government 

Stream community events, council meetings, speeches, and other public interest matters. 



Stream campus events, guest lectures, and sports to students and alumni. 

Streaming for Business & Enterprise


From all-hands meetings and keynote speeches to product launch events and executive meetings, businesses can stream live content to their global audiences.

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