For sports fans, it’s not about simply watching the game anymore. These days, fans want a complete experience. They want pre- and post-game interviews with coaches, players, and pundits. Stats and backstories on their favorite players. Coverage from training grounds and practice facilities. A sense of the game-day atmosphere. And they want to be able to access it all before, during, and after the game, not just on their TV screens, but on their mobile devices –whether they’re cheering from the living room, the stadium, or the neighborhood sports pub.

Professional sports teams and sports broadcasters have to give the fans what they want. And now the demand goes beyond pro sports. Minor-league and semi-professional teams, colleges, and even high schools are getting in on the act and starting to broadcast games and related content to their fans online.

Most sports reporters are on duty 24/7 to cover team activities, making traditional satellite and microwave broadcast technology impractical. Dejero’s mobile newsgathering products are portable, affordable, easy-to-use – and perfect for sports coverage.

Rio 2016

Rio Summer Games 2016

We captured the energy and excitement in Brazil as our customers covered the Olympic Games with our equipment and services.

A complete platform to feed fans’ fervor

Dejero’s LIVE+ platform of transmitters, software, management tools, and servers simplify sports coverage – so teams and broadcasters can enhance live game broadcasts with colorful and exciting content that adds depth and insight to the fan’s experience.

Capture and stream from any device

With portable transmitters, laptop software, smartphone apps, and support for multiple camera interfaces, Dejero gives you plenty of ways to snag the video and deliver it to sports fans.

… from virtually any location

Dejero makes it possible to report from locations that might be off-limits or impractical to reach with a satellite or microwave vehicle. With bonded cellular connectivity, crews can shoot from virtually anywhere.

Give connectivity a jump-start with Intelligent Connection Management

Dejero intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections to deliver optimal picture quality at reduced latency.

Don’t miss a bit

Adaptive bit rate encoding is built in, so the stream automatically adjusts according to the total available bandwidth, ensuring the best possible picture quality.

Easy breezy

Transmitters are quick to set up and easy to operate, in the field or via remote control. So the sports reporter can focus on capturing compelling content.

Manage in the cloud. Deliver anywhere.

Monitor and manage Dejero transmission devices and live feeds centrally in the cloud. From there you can broadcast live to air or stream to Web and mobile devices.

Proven Technology. Renowned support.

A growing list of sports and sports media organizations rely on Dejero for sports coverage.

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