While cellular networks have become more robust and stable, acquiring sufficient signal strength required for reliable, high-quality video can be difficult – or even impossible. Congested cellular environments and remote locations are particularly challenging.

Meanwhile, deploying conventional satellite or microwave technology may not be practical or may limit where live shots can be captured.

We offer special event support packages that include Wi-Fi infrastructure, equipment, and a team of on-site support personnel to help you go live.

Many of the world’s top broadcasters have relied on Dejero to cover a growing list of major international news and sporting events such as the Olympics, the week of mourning for Nelson Mandela, and the 2013 Papal conclave. 

For details on services for upcoming events, or to request assistance with a major news story, please contact sales.

Past events covered

2016 Super Bowl

The Big American Football Game

Make sure you can go live anywhere the teams go! We’ll be on-site at the final game of the American football season to help you capture player and coach interviews, pre- and postgame press conferences, live reporter Q&A’s with fans, and more. More...

2016 Super Bowl

US Presidential Inauguration

We’ll be in Washington D.C. the week of the Inauguration offering on-site support, 24/7 technical support, equipment rentals, and private Wi-Fi hotspots. More...

2016 US Election Night

US Election Coverage

Election night in the US was one of the most covered news events this year. Read how we helped Dutch broadcaster, RTL Nieuws, with the coverage of the US Elections. More...

2016 Rio Summer Olympics Games

2016 Rio Summer Games

Dejero helped official broadcasters and others covering the event to successfully capture live shots from within the Rio Olympic Park, up in the mountains and down by the sea. More...

2014 Sochi Olympics

2014 Sochi Olympics

Dejero helped official broadcasters and others covering the event to successfully capture live shots from within the Sochi Olympic Park and from the base location for alpine events in the mountain cluster. More...

2013 Papal Election

Election of New Pope

Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and during the election of his successor, Dejero provided exclusive access to a rooftop terrace, offering an excellent backdrop for live shots. We also deployed a private long-range Wi-Fi network that covered the Piazza at St. Peter’s Basilica to enable broadcasters to transmit live from within the large crowds. More...

2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympics

Dejero collaborated with a local production services provider to create a long-range private Wi-Fi network for the Olympic Park, as well as other key London sites. A location with a panoramic view of the Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Centre, Orbit tower and London skyline provided an excellent backdrop for live broadcasts. More...

2012 Chicago Summit

2012 Chicago Summit

Large groups of protesters at the NATO Summit created special challenges in providing coverage of the event. Dejero deployed a long-range Wi-Fi network in pockets of downtown Chicago to enable broadcasters to transmit live video from within the crowds.

2010 Olympic Torch Relay

2010 Vancouver Olympics

Dejero enabled unprecedented live coverage of the epic 45,000 km torch relay across Canada in the lead up to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. We also provided private Wi-Fi networks during the Games to enable reliable live broadcasts. More...